Meddžida Kreso : Strategija ratnih zločina ipak još nije za priče!

Meddžida Kreso : Strategija ratnih zločina ipak još nije za priče!

10 Septembra
03:44 2008

Ni­ko od na­dle­žnih u BiH ne že­li da pri­ča o to­me za­što je do­ne­se­na no­va stra­te­gi­ja pro­ce­su­ira­nja pre­dme­ta ra­tnih zlo­či­na, te ka­kvi su bi­li ne­dos­ta­ci pret­ho­dne po ko­joj se ra­di­lo pro­te­klih go­di­na.A upra­vo to je je­dno od pi­ta­nja ko­ja je kra­jem pro­šle se­dmi­ce pred­sta­vni­ci­ma Tu­ži­laš­tva BiH pos­ta­vio pred­sje­dnik Sa­ve­za lo­go­ra­ša Mu­rat Ta­hi­ro­vić.Bo­ris Gru­be­šić, por­tpa­rol Tu­ži­laš­tva BiH, ka­že za "San" da pret­ho­dna stra­te­gi­ja rje­ša­va­nja pre­dme­ta ra­dnih zlo­či­na, u stva­ri, ni­je ni bi­la zva­ni­čna, već da je ri­ječ o ine­trnom do­ku­men­tu ko­ji se ko­ris­tio u Tu­ži­laš­tvu BiH.- Ona je bi­la kva­li­te­tna za ra­spo­re­đi­va­nje ra­da po pos­to­je­ćim re­sur­si­ma, ali već ne­ko­li­ko go­di­na je bi­lo ja­sno da je ne­op­ho­dno na­pra­vi­ti stra­te­gi­ju po ko­joj će se ubrza­no mo­ći rje­ša­va­ti ve­li­ki broj na­go­mi­la­nih pre­dme­ta – tvrdi Gru­be­šić za "San".Pred­sje­dni­ca Su­da BiH Me­ddži­da Kre­so re­kla nam je ju­čer da ne mo­že da pri­ča o to­me ko­ji su ne­dos­ta­ci ra­ni­je stra­te­gi­je.- Još uvi­jek je ra­no za to sve dok čla­no­vi Ra­dne gru­pe ko­ji ra­de na izra­di no­ve stra­te­gi­je ne usa­gla­se sta­vo­ve – ka­že Kre­so.Dos­ta za­bu­ne iza­zva­le su i tvrdnje ko­je su se mo­gle ču­ti iz Tu­ži­laš­tva BiH da u oko 800 pre­dme­ta ko­ji su u Ha­škom tri­bu­na­lu do­bi­li ta­ko­zva­nu "A" ozna­ku ne­ma do­vo­ljno do­ka­za za pro­ce­su­ira­nje. Re­fik Ho­džić, gla­sno­go­vor­nik Ha­ške kan­ce­la­ri­je u Sa­ra­je­vu, ka­že za "San" da je pra­ksa Ha­škog tri­bu­na­la da pre­dmet oci­je­ni ozna­kom A ako pos­to­ji do­vo­ljan broj do­ka­za za ha­pše­nje.- Ha­ški tri­bu­nal ni­je imao ni­ka­kvu ulo­gu u to­me osim da ocje­nju­je da li u po­je­di­nim pre­dme­ti­ma pos­to­ji do­vo­ljno do­ka­za da bi se ne­ko mo­gao pri­ves­ti. Sve os­ta­lo je od stu­pa­nja na sna­gu Rim­skog spo­ra­zu­ma u na­dle­žnos­ti or­ga­na u BiH – ka­že Ho­džić. (


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  1. Merve
    Merve 25 Augusta, 16:25

    I have to say I'm far less impressed than you with the pgorress. The statement that air capture requires only 2 – 4 times more energy than flue gas capture (I haven't run the math, but that's not unreasonable) is pretty damning, considering we don't have an operational flue-gas capture system yet. Aside from the intimidating thermodynamics, any capture system would have to run hundreds or more likely thousands of cycles just to recover the CO2 produced in manufacturing it. Things tend to wear out. And it would have to be huge to make any impact at all on the atmosphere, and require huge amounts of energy. Reviews of the sort you cite are written by workers/enthusiasts in the field who have a strong vested interest in maintaining or better yet increasing funding for the field. I wouldn't credit the optimism they evince with any objectivity whatsoever. Example: I've read dozens of papers and grant proposals on solar energy conversion, and they're all unanimous that we're just one funding cycle away from developing an economic method. There have probably been literally thousands of such proposals written. yet it still isn't close to being economically competitive. When a scientist lies about methods or results, it's rightly called fraud. Yet we routinely lie far more egregiously in research proposals about the prospects for our work, and it's simply the norm. An honest proposal would say that carbon sequestration, particularly from the atmosphere, is an intimidatingly difficult problem, may never be solved in a practical way, and at best will take many years of research. However, given the non-zero probability that it will work, and the significant probability we will have no better alternative, we ought to check it out. Beside, the research itself is fairly cheap. Not exactly an easy sell, but not dishonest.


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